Monday, June 29, 2009

Samsung Laptops

The two electronic equipments which are indispensable are laptops and mobile phones.It seems impossible to go out anywhere with out these two.Out of these,laptops are more important as they are very important for presentations during client meetings.I am currently doing my post graduate in management and my laptop is my like part of my life.Be it in classes or for presentations or for client meetings, I take it everywhere with me.Its the best place to take notes and we can quickly browse online for fast information.My old laptop crashed and I was looking for models to buy a new one.I was reading a review at cnet on Samsung Notebook NC 20 laptop and it was just perfect.It matched all my requirements.This cute little laptop has a wide 12.1 inch screen which is just perfect for carrying around and a nice keyboard which feels very comfortable for typing. This laptop also gives me an amazing 6 hours of battery backup, thanks to energy efficient Intel Atom processor.I not only use laptop for presentations but also have a huge collection of movies and songs which I see when I take a break.For that I want a good sound output from my laptop .It has a more powerful 1.6GHz VIA Nano U225 processor and VIA Chrome 9 HC3 Graphics, which provides enough graphics power to playback full HD / 1080p video without any problems.I would strongly suggest my readers to go to your nearest computer shop and try your hands on Samsung NC 20.Please check out this product and feel free to comment or ask any queries that you may have.