Thursday, October 30, 2008

u are never lost!

One day a traveler in a remote country town, convinced that he was
on the wrong road, came to a halt in a village. He called one of the
villagers and said to him, "Friend, I need help. I am lost!".
The villager looked at him for a moment and asked, "Do you know
where you are?"
"Yes" said the traveler. "I saw the name of your village as I
The next question posed by the villager was: "Do you know where you
want to go?" "Yes" the traveler replied.
"Then, my friend, you are not lost. You just need directions."

Many of us are in the same position as the traveler. We know where
we are - sometimes dissatisfied, disappointed and experiencing little
peace of mind. And we know where we want to be - at peace, fulfilled
and living life abundantly. Like the traveler, we are not lost - we
just need directions.

It may not take much to find the right road to success, but to reach
it we need an agenda for the present. We need directions for today.

As Abraham Lincoln put it: "Your life cannot go according to a plan
if you have no plan!"